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Mazal Tov to Lynne and David Moszkowski on the engagement of their daughter Melissa Moszkowski to Seth Price of Florida.

Mazal Tov to Linda Mann Gewurz on the engagement of her daughter Jennifer Erin (daughter of the late Josh Gewurz) to Daniel Budd.

Mazal Tov to Elaine and Phil Levi on the birth of a grandson Sammy Robert Berg.

The Minyan Fl"Asher"




Dear Shaare Zion Family,

As a way to communicate with our members, we have installed an amber flashing light on top of the announcement board on Cote St. Luc Road. When the light is flashing in the am or pm, it means that we need  people for the Minyan. If you happen to be driving or walking by and see the flashing light, do us a favour and come join us in the Daily Chapel. You will be performing a big mitzvah.

The Daily Minyan is an integral part of the day to day activities that take place at our synagogue. Shaare Zion has always been proud to publicize to its members and the Montreal Jewish community that we support twice daily services, seven days a week, 365 days each year. The Minyan offers people the opportunity to pray and learn together and to allow individuals who are saying Kaddish or observing a yahrzeit for a loved one, to perform this obligation. The same way that the Minyan supports people, we are asking you to support the Minyan. It is a two way street.